Navigate Change
with Confidence

Coaching & Advisory Services

for community bank leaders and leaders of other mid-market companies

Navigate Change
with Confidence

Coaching & Advisory Services

for community bank leaders and leaders of other mid-market companies

Leading through change can be daunting.

Six Arrows Consulting’s coaching & advisory services can help you navigate with confidence as you journey toward your strategic destination.

Are you…

New to your leadership role and uncertain about what to focus on?

Wanting to learn more about effective stewardship in your role?

Responsible for leading your team through a significant transaction — especially for the first time?

Struggling to transform your Finance Dept. to keep up with the growth and increasing complexity of your organization?

Dealing with other daunting challenges of significant change?

Don’t navigate alone.

Navigate challenging change with someone who’s been down that path and has lived and learned through the bumps and bruises… and beyond.


35+ years of financial management leadership, 20 at an executive level

8 years as CFO of a respected, high-growth Texas community bank

An analytical brain
+ a servant leader’s

A leader who trains leaders to grow and train leaders

Passionate about stewardship

Experience growing & fine-tuning high-performance teams

Extensive real-life experience navigating change

Active, collaborative leadership:

  • Successful strategic transactions
  • Capital raising
  • Major system conversions

Eric Alexander, CPA, CFA, CMA


What I’ve found valuable is a sense of mentorship: Eric coming alongside to walk through a broad array of challenges—as he offers wisdom and discernment without condescension or judgment—has increased my performance and confidence. His character and integrity have been foundational. I highly recommend Eric for anyone who seeks to grow as a leader.


CFO and coaching client

Eric is above reproach and I can rely on his integrity, professionalism, and knowledge. He is exceptional at communicating complexity in an effortless, easily-understood way. It is a rare mix when someone as knowledgeable as Eric is also an exceptional leader. He can discern hard topics and lead executive teams through those topics to great decisions.


Bank CEO

I had an unparalleled journey with Eric. He truly understands the complexity and nuances of leadership and strategic transactions. I was impressed by the professionalism and expertise. Eric’s honesty, transparency, and rich experience not only instilled confidence and peace of mind but also added remarkable value to my venture. He truly cares about your success and will go above and beyond to ensure you achieve your objectives. I wholeheartedly recommend Six Arrows Consulting to anyone seeking a dependable partner for their leadership and strategic transaction needs.


CEO and financial services entrepreneur

Moving forward with Six Arrows Consulting

Meet with Eric in a free, brief video call to get acquainted and to identify the leadership challenges you are facing as you navigate change.

Together we’ll create a specific plan identifying coaching or advisory services to help you navigate toward your strategic destination.

I’ll help you execute the customized coaching or advisory service plan for your leadership journey.

Eric Alexander on navigating change

“As a leader of a community bank or mid-market company, you want to lead to your strategic destination with confidence. But leadership journeys inevitably encounter challenges, and often these come from significant change. Sometimes the change is something you or your organization have chosen, and sometimes it’s thrust upon you by circumstance. And leading through significant change—regardless of its source—can be daunting and bewildering and paralyzing and incredibly hard work…or all of the above. And then some.

I’ve experienced all of that myself as I’ve taken that same journey of leading through significant change, and those experiences have taught me lots of lessons. Usually, the hard way! And I don’t believe any leader facing challenging change should have to navigate alone.

Schedule a conversation today. I would be honored to journey with you. Let’s navigate change with confidence together.”

– Eric Alexander