Frequently Asked Questions

What if you haven’t faced the specific leadership challenges I’m dealing with?
Every situation is unique. Yet wise, practical principles have broad applications. And if we’re not confident I’ll add value, we won’t proceed.
Will I be able to afford your services?
Proceeding without experienced assistance is often more costly than procuring good help. As we refine your needs, I’ll provide an estimate for the services. And if we’re not both confident this will add value, we won’t proceed.
But aren’t you a solo practitioner? Will you have the skills and bandwidth to take care of me?
It is just me as part of Six Arrows Consulting. But I have various resources to pull in or refer you to as needed. And I will only commit to services I can provide with excellence and with good customer service.
How can I get better acquainted with you?

Let’s schedule a free, brief video call to get introduced. Also, please click here for feedback from people I’ve already worked with. Finally, I can provide references for you to visit with.

But what if I’m reluctant to admit I need help?
I understand… and can relate. This is about hope and a path forward. And there’s no risk in having an initial, confidential get-acquainted conversation.
Where did the name “Six Arrows” come from?
I love that question and get it a lot! I’ve answered it here.