Coaching & Mentoring for Leaders

All leaders benefit from coaching and mentoring, but it’s typically informal and haphazard at best.

Six Arrows Consulting offers coaching and mentoring for new and seasoned leaders:

Focusing on the leader’s development for a strong, growing professional contribution.

Sharing lessons learned from decades of leadership experience.

Helping uncover opportunities, challenges, and solutions.

Providing objective feedback and accountability on personalized action plans.

Strategic Transaction Advising

It takes lots of expert specialists to get a significant deal done—attorneys, investment bankers, tax and accounting experts, technology partners, and more—each with a specific, focused purpose.

With extensive knowledge of and leadership involvement in transactions—from beginning to end—Six Arrows Consulting partners with your leadership team to supplement the specialist expert inputs with a financial professional’s generalist perspective looking at all angles of the deal over its complete lifecycle.

Finance Evolution Advising

As an organization grows and changes, the Finance function must mature and adapt as well.

Six Arrows Consulting offers advisory services on the evolution of Finance: from a current state analysis (effectiveness review & diagnosis) to a comprehensive performance improvement plan. All with a focus on three key elements that must mature in parallel: people, processes, and platforms.

Other Services

Strategic planning

Leadership development

Board training

Deep analysis